Yoga Foundation Course


British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course

This 60 hour course is designed to explore yoga in more depth than you would get in an average class. It includes practical and theoretical sessions.

Topics explored include the classical yoga texts. Patanjali’s yoga sutras are explored as a way to understand his comprehensive system of personal development which include ways of caring for yourself as well as guidance on your interactions with others, in addition to the better known aspects of yoga like postures, breathing and meditation.

The course also covers the history of yoga, and the different paths and schools of yoga. There is plenty of opportunity for practical practice of yoga postures and practices, exploring the anatomy and physiology which make these so beneficial; and encouragement and guidance on developing a personal yoga practice which suits your life and needs.

It is intended for any yoga students who would like to develop their knowledge of yoga further as well as those wanting to go on to train as teachers to provide them with the basics needed before undertaking a yoga teaching course.

The cost of the course is £500 (payable in 3 instalments) which includes a BWY course registration fee. You will need to also be a member of the BWY during the duration of the course. The instalments are: £200 due on acceptance of place; £150 by two months prior; £150 by one month prior.

The next Foundation Course will run from October 2019 to April 2020 near Redruth in Cornwall.

All days run 09.30 to 17.00. The dates will be:

Sunday 20th October 2019
Sunday 17th November 2019
Sunday 15th December 2019
Sunday 12th January 2020
Sunday 2nd February 2020
Sunday 23rd February 2020
Sunday 15th March 2020
Sunday 5th April 2020
Sunday 26th April 2020

If you would like to apply for the 2019-2020 Foundation Course in Cornwall, please contact me.