Cycle Tour Leading

I have recently successfully completed Cycling UK’s Cycle Tour Leader course which qualifies me to lead cycle tours in the UK and overseas.

This qualification shows I have been trained and assessed in the following aspects of cycle tour leading :

  • prepare for tours and rides;
  • understand equipment requirements and check its suitability;
  • pre-ride routes and follow previously prepared route information;
  • ensure participants’ riding abilities and help them develop;
  • manage groups;
  • perform roadside maintenance and repairs;
  • navigate;
  • deal with riders’ needs for food, drink and rest;
  • deal with emergencies;
  • reduce our environmental impacts.

In addition I hold an outdoor first aid certificate.

I already work on a freelance basis for a couple of cycle tour companies. Last year I undertook work in the UK and Italy. I have availability for 2019 (and beyond) so please contact me to discuss your company’s needs.