A Snow Day Doesn’t Have To Be A S’No Training Day!

Cornwall (amongst other parts of the South of England) is officially snowed on today and many people are at home and taking an enforced snow day from work.

I am working from home today but have what would have been a 3 hour commute today as ‘extra’ time. I can use some of that time to add to my training to compensate for what I would have been doing today (which was due to be several hours of MTB riding with a group).

If you have a Wattbike, turbo trainer, treadmill, or your own swimming pool then crack on. No excuses for you. Here are a few other ideas to keep your training on track whilst the snow lasts.

  1. Go with it and embrace a winter sport as cross-training. I’ve just seen a great photo of someone skiing in Wadebridge!
  2. Take a hike somewhere. Advice currently is stay off the roads but if you live near some footpaths, moors or hills that you can access without driving then get yourself out walking. Or walk to the nearest swimming pool for a session. You might have a lane to yourself.
  3. Get your yoga mat out. Yoga is great for strength and conditioning. Do some rounds of Salute to the Sun and generate some heat in your body. You can work as hard on the mat as you do off the mat.
  4. If yoga is not yet your thing do some bodyweight or plyometric exercises.  Squats, push-ups, lunges, burpees, hopping. All those things you know you should do but don’t because you would rather be out running or cycling. Today’s the day.
  5. Plan ahead for the next weather-related challenge to your training. Check out the indoor training options for your sport or fitness choice. I find having a Wattbike and treadmill is a really useful addition to options in poor weather conditions but is also useful at other times. I find it much easier to do an interval or tempo set indoors than outdoors. Check out the offers on at the moment and consider what is an option for you. (After you have finished training that is!)

Embrace the opportunity to meet this challenge to your training by not giving up. Whatever you do, stay safe and enjoy what you do.

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