Variety is the spice of work

It has been a great few weeks since I launched my new website and coaching identity. The result has been just as I hoped. I am receiving offers of work which allow me to use all of my skills and coach all of the activities I love and engage in.

The last month has seen me leading young people on the National Citizen Service scheme in climbing, abseiling, and mountain biking sessions, and teaching a variety of yoga classes and workshops. Yesterday I had the privilege of working with young people from Shanghai in the UK for a few weeks at Summer School at Plymouth University. They got to experience Dartmoor in its sunny guise and then its torrential rain guise. Both are beautiful but one definitely resulted in more shrieking than the other! The photo above was taken just before the rain started. The contrast of very much below usual level of water in the reservoir and threatening skies tells its own story.

During the last month I have also made some great contacts with companies offering a variety of coaching, leadership, and adventure activities and am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Variety keeps each day feeling fresh and exciting and truly is the spice of work.

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